Pure Service Pro is recognized in Wayne, NJ for making homes better for over 50 years! 

Whether you are looking for someone who can repair cracks or finding professionals for crawl space repair services in Wayne, Pure Service Pro is always here to help you.

We, Pure Service Pro, are the preferred crack repair contractor in Wayne, NJ and the folks here have placed incredible trust in us which we maintain with our hassle-free and prompt execution of repair services at affordable rates.

Concrete walkways with unsightly damage and high investment driveways or patios with unappealing cracks can be a bummer for homeowners, especially when they are hosting a party. Whatever crack or damage related problem you have, when you need to repair them, just give a call to us and we will reach you in no time.

Tearing apart the old floor or wall might not be a practical solution to deal with cracks. Replacing it with new, freshly poured concrete would only increase your bills. On the contrary, concrete repair would not only cut your cost with a significant margin but also save you from the inconvenience.

However, if repairs are large and replacing with new concrete makes more sense, there is no need to hold back. Contact our professionals freely to save your time, money, and effort without compromising quality.

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Concrete Repair or Concrete Replacement –Which is Better?

Identifying what you need is the first step. Cracks and splits are not unusual in the homes of Wayne. Settling and shifts in the earth’s crust sometimes cause damage to walkways, driveways, and patios. While such damages ruin the appeal, they don’t always signal that you need concrete replacement. Only a seasoned professional can tell with visual inspection whether you need to replace the concrete or not.

Generally, minor cracks can be easily repaired with installed overlay. However, in some situations, professionals also apply concrete, epoxy stone, or tile overlay. Most hard surfaces can be easily repaired with concrete. So, cracks in your pathways or patios don’t imply that it is beyond repair. If cracks are minor to medium in size, you can always repair them.

For concrete crack repair or replacement in Wayne, NJ, get in touch with us 1-877-825-3841.


Concrete Maintenance

Timely maintenance helps in increasing the lifespan of your concrete surfaces. When a professional cover them with resin-based acrylic sealer, it can prevent further damages caused by unforgiving weather and enormous moisture.


Although you can’t always prevent cracks and other damages indefinitely, it is always wise to repair the cracks with no delay. Instant repair also helps you avoid aggravating the condition. But, if you have already ignored them for long, you can always trust us to restore your concrete surfaces.


Crawl Space Repair

Unlike your pathways, crawl spaces are hidden from the outer world and therefore, homeowners tend to ignore their damage and some even don’t know if they have a crawl space in their home or what a crawl space actually is. Nevertheless, water damage, excess moisture, and mold presence in a crawl space give rise to poor air quality and unhealthy living environment in your home. This ultimately leads to difficulty in breathing, low energy efficiency, and also frequent appliances’ malfunctioning. This is what you don’t want to happen.


So, ensure that there is nothing wrong with your crawl space. If you find anything unusual, we are always happy to serve you by offering crawl space repair services.


Regain the beauty of your property by making all ugly cracks disappear. Get in touch with our cracks and crawl space repair experts to know what solution would be best for you. 

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“A very professional company! First, we found Pure Service Pro for mold testing & remediation and that was a great experience. While our basement was still empty, we decided that a French Drain was a worthy investment for us. We worked directly with the owner, Andre, for both projects and he is extremely knowledgeable with no hard sales tactics necessary. His crew and his office manager were very courteous & professional as well. ”

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