Why Should You Never Ignore Water Damage Cleanup?

Mar 29, 2019

Water damage in any property is always harmful in many ways. When a building is flooded or there is water seepage problem, most of the people think that it just needs some time to dry out and once water will evaporate, everything will be back to normal. Unfortunately, it is not so. Water penetration is something which causes not only immediate damage but also long term degradation to a building’s infrastructure. It creates an environment which is hazardous for the living and grows consistently worse over time. Therefore, calling professionals for water damage cleanup is the only long-term, cost-effective and safest solution.

In this article, you will find the main causes of water damage and what issues there are with water damage.

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Main Causes of Water Damage Problem

There is no doubt that water can invade a house and cover the entire floor within a few minutes. Mainly, it happens during a natural disaster; however, flooding can occur in low-lying areas as a result of internal defects and weather conditions as well. Here are the main causes for which you would need water damage cleanup service.

  • Poor Plumbing: Plumbing system comprises of a network of connected pipes, joints, and fixtures. When joints are loose or some pipe is broken or fixture is leaking, it eventually leads to water damage problem. They all become progressively awful, if not repaired on time.
  • Malfunctioning Appliances: The appliances in a building which utilize water such as refrigerators, washers, dishwashers, air conditioners and water heaters, if get malfunctioned, they can drip incessantly. This also leads to the water damage problem.
  • Storm Leaks: During and after heavy rain, water can trickle into your building and find its way through cracks or insulation into the walls or ceiling. In case, the building foundation is low lying and close to the ground, water can also penetrate into the foundation or even come through doors and windows.


Major Effects of Water Damage Problem

Water damage can be largely unobservant because it usually occurs within walls, in the attic, ceiling and underneath the flooring. Water damage cleanup is essential because there are several harmful effects which are caused by water seepage, penetration or excessive moisture.


  1. Formation of Mold: Mold is a harmful fungus which creeps into your home very stealthily along the inner walls and sub flooring. Excess of moisture and humidity give favorable conditions to help grow this harmful organism in your home. It multiplies at a very fast rate and surrounds your entire house even before you detect it. This is the main cause of the increase in respiratory problems as well as wood deterioration.
  2. Dry Rot Issue: The wood furniture you use in your home is seasoned and robust. However, the presence of excess moisture, humidity or flooding can weaken the wooden frames and also compromise the stability of wooden furniture and building as well.
  3. Cracks in Walls: When water seepage occurs, it causes cracks in the walls, ceiling and even floorboards throughout the building. This would gradually lead to foundation shifts and frameworks become unstable. Also, Read on Best Possible Procedures for Foundation Crack Repair
  4. Problems with Windows and Doors Shutting and Opening: When wood comes into the contact of water or excessive moisture, it starts to swell up. As a result, they would not shut properly or would not shut at all.

So, if you also have water damage problem and don’t really want to face these infrastructure or health problems, a professional water damage cleanup service is the only best call to get rid of all these water damage issues.