Is your basement the victim of water damage issues like excessive moisture, dampness, foul odor or molds? If yes, a French drain system can easily banish all these issues. Many people try diverting downspouts, build up foundation soil or even install curtain drain, but sometimes none of them correct the water damage problem in the basement. There are generally two popular options under basement waterproofing service – one is Interior French Drain System around the basement slab perimeter and another is Exterior French Drain System outside basement walls.


Interior French Drain System

Rather than preventing water from entering your basement, the interior French drain catches the water that seeps inside and directs it by gravity towards a sump pump which sends water back outside or into the drain line. In order to install this French drain system, basement waterproofing service provider cuts a channel into your basement slab along its perimeter. The ground is excavated below the channel and perforated drain pipe and sump pump are installed. After that, excavation is filled with drainage gravel and then the slab is patched with concrete.

High Points:

  • Doesn’t mess with the exterior landscape.
  • Basement is accessible in all weathers so work is carried according to schedule.
  • Cost is less.

Low Points:

  • Can’t stop wall seepage so applying wall finishes remains troublesome.
  • During power outage, sump pump won’t work without battery or generator backup.
  • Noisy process


Exterior French Drain System

The exterior French drain system is considered to be one of the best basement waterproofing solutions. However, it is also expensive. Since this system requires a thorough excavation to expose the foundation walls and footings, it provides the opportunity of applying waterproof coating or membrane to the exterior surfaces of the basement walls for extra protection.

In order to install this system, the workers dig around the foundation and apply waterproof coating to the walls of the basement. Then, a French drain system is installed next to the foundation footing and excavated area is filled with gravel to promote drainage.

In case your area is sloped, the drainage will flow by gravity to the exit point or storm drain system, otherwise, you will need a sump pump to channel the water away from the basement.

High Points:

  • Outside waterproofing of basement walls
  • Good drainage next to the foundation due to large excavation
  • Move water away from the basement and prevents its seepage through walls

Low Points:

  • May destroy some of the landscaping features (if they lie in the designated area of excavation)
  • All plants are removed from the digging site.
  • Cost is high.


If you are also facing water damage problem in your basement, hire basement waterproofing service from one of the reputed contractors, choose the waterproofing option accordingly and make your basement free from water damage issues as early as possible.

basement waterproofing

When the average homeowner thinks about home improvement, basement waterproofing is probably not the first thing that comes to their mind. Basement waterproofing has never been that important, but then again, neither a moldy and damp basement. There are several reasons to choose basement waterproofing techniques to protect your basement from potential damages. Moisture can be one of the serious issues in any basement, so keeping the space adequately waterproofed is very crucial. A damp and damaged basement can also be a serious cause of property value loss, structural damage, and even health problems.

There are a variety of advantages of having your basement professionally waterproofed by New Jersey Basement Waterproofing Professional, and we’d like to state a few of them here in this blog.

Professional Waterproofing Increases Value and Space of your Home

Most homeowners think of their basement as little more than musty and old storage for their junk products and as a place to do laundry. However, this is something which is simply the wrong way to look at it. A basement accounts for an entire house floor and for most people that is either half or 1/3 of their homes entire space. This is a large amount of wasted space that you’d certainly dedicate to bacteria, mold growth and seepage. On the contrary, hiring professional basement waterproofing services to keep your basement in good condition will boost its value and will give you an added benefit if you ever decide to sell your house.

Basement Waterproofing Will Keep Your Cost at Bay

A damaged basement can be quite expensive when you combine the expenses of your damaged basement possessions and the professionals who come to fix them. So, with this in mind, waterproofing techniques are just an investment in the maintenance and upkeep of your home.

Waterproofing Reduces Your Home’s Energy Costs

Humid indoor air and dust and can put a strain on your home’s HVAC system which causes your home’s cooling and heating bills to increase approximately from 10% to 20%. A basement waterproof system, on the other hand, can keep your home’s humidity levels stable so your energy bill doesn’t exceed your budget limitation.

It Avoids Serious and Long Term Health Problems

Humidity and water can lead to toxic mold to grow which further can result in some serious health issues. You’ll be surprised to know that toxic mold can grow in a little as 24 to 48 hours, that’s scary especially if the seepage is something that you’ve been letting go for years.

Basement waterproofing Protects Your Floor

A typical basement floor is of concrete that is between two and four inches thick. This thin floor, on the other hand, can be quite vulnerable to pressure from the seepage below and can crack and fill the entire basement with water if not maintained properly at the right time. A professional basement waterproofing, on the other hand, can fix this issue making your basement away from any type of seepage and other related water issues.

So, now that you know these amazing benefits, what are you waiting for? Contact a New Jersey Basement Waterproofing Professional located in your area to get your home waterproofed today.

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Constructing a house is a onetime investment and there should not be any stone unturned in this process. It requires a huge amount of money, labor, and time etc for getting your home constructed, therefore all products used should be of the best quality. You should make sure that your house is away from all damage that occurs as time pass by.

Basement Waterproofing Company

One such issue that people tends to ignore is the problem of water seepage and moisture. Excessive water seepage and moisture makes the house weak and makes it more prone to huge damage. Ignoring these will result in processing expensive repairs that you would have to undertake in the future. Therefore, whenever you face issues of damp walls and water leakage in your house, you should straightaway contact a licensed Exterior Waterproofing Services. The aim of external waterproofing is to make sure that no water enters the foundation walls of the house and helps in preventing molding and seepage issues.  The waterproofing contractor will help in every way possible and will make sure that your house lives long without any destruction.

There are many people who don’t pay attention to the damage and are worried about the expenses of the waterproofing project. This behavior of people increases the issue and as a result, the whole house gets destructed. People need to know that there are many waterproofing projects that are affordable and can easily be availed without any hassle. The waterproofing contractor will look up to several factors and then only will provide the actual cost for the whole project.

Furthermore, there are various factors that affect the cost of external waterproofing project depending on the location and size of the house. The waterproofing contractor will firstly give a visit to your house and will analyze the whole issue and then will provide the factors of the cost. Therefore, below given are some of the major factors that will affect the cost of the whole waterproofing project:

Main cause for the water issue:

This is the main factor that will enable the contractor to get the actual cost of the project. If the issue is something internal then the cost of the project might get increased as the process will take time and will be done in a different way. Besides, if the reason is something not so crucial then the rates would be low.

Foundation of the house:

The cost of the whole project also depends on the foundation of the house and on how it is built. If the house is constructed with deep and strong foundation, the respective contractor will provide more effort repairing it. And hence, the cost will automatically be increased. Newly constructed houses have concrete but the old houses are built on bricks and are more prone to water-related issues. Therefore, different houses will have varying cost of waterproofing projects.

Hence, external waterproofing method is overall an expensive affair but its results are lifelong cherished. For an easy flow, you should simply make a budget for all the expenses and then should carry forward the project to the contractor. You should keep in mind that the actual cost of the overall external waterproofing work may change according to the needs and preferences of the contractor.

Basement leakage is not an uncommon scenario. Almost everywhere, you will find homes in the leaking basement. Homeowners ignore this problem thinking that wet basement does not cause any trouble. This is a misconception. Before getting into the problems which a wet basement can cause let’s explore what causes the basement to leak.

Causes of leaking basement

There are several reasons which cause the basements to leak. The major reason happens to be hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when the water level rises to the level of the soil. In this situation in heavy rain, the basement begins to leak. Years of neglect can be another reason which can cause a basement to leak. If you do not renovate the basement of the house, you may face the basement leakage problem. The only solution is hiring professional basement waterproofing contractor.

Problems due to a wet basement

You may face severe problems if you do not attend the basement leakage and find some useful solution. Continuous water leakage can damage your house. The water from the basement creeps up and spreads through the entire house. Eventually, this damages the house. Therefore, if you are worried about the extra cost of repairing the basement, you should know that ignoring the problem will cause bigger expense. Therefore, hire a professional and competent foundation repair contractor without making any delay.

Health problem

The wet basement does not only damage the house, it causes few health related problems too. Moist air causes fungus to grow. Dangerous fungi like mold and other similar types grow in the wet air. These cause health deterioration. Due to excess mold exposure, you may suffer from continuous feverish feeling. You may even suffer from eye problems. If the exposure becomes extreme, you may even lose sight. There are cases of mold exposure which cause people to die.

DIY vs hiring professional

There are too many do it yourself manuals are available in the market. You will surely find some manuals which will provide you guidance on how to repair your basement leakage. If you want to give it a try, you can consult such a manual and repair the basement yourself. However, it will be a wise idea to hire a professional and competent contractor for waterproofing Toronto. There are several reasons for this action. Without proper knowledge, you may not be able to perform a satisfying task. You may end up damaging the basement even more. To avoid such a situation, you should hire a professional contractor for the job. Moreover, this type of job requires several types of equipment. The professionals have the equipment and they can perform a proper job. Without the help of the tools, you may not be able to perform the right job.

Finding the right professional

You can find the best Interior Basement Waterproofing Services or Basement Waterproofing Company in the USA by searching on the Google. See the review and ratings and opt the one who will suit your requirement.

Waterproofing the important parts like basement and bathrooms in the house is extremely important, and is yet not taken seriously by homeowners. It is well ignored that these water leakages can cause severe damage to the building. It not just ruins the appearance of your house but also causes defects in the structure. But it is very unfortunate that by the time we notice the water leakage in the interiors of our building, the exterior of it has been already damaged.

There is a list of several reasons as to why there is water leakage in the building like trapped moisture in the insulation, overheating, rains, snow blizzards etc. and these can have an effect that doesn’t go very easily. It is important for us to take measures to avoid any such damage in our building by getting it waterproofed at the right time of the construction. And to avoid unwanted stress, hire professional to the job. There are a plethora of options from which you can pick what suits the best to your needs. Find a licensed and experienced professional who will provide you the services without burning a hole in your pocket.

There are a lot of advantages of hiring an experienced professional for the waterproofing of your building. And if you are thinking why you would need a professional, here are a few reasons why: –

  • Experience and Expertise Matters: The staff members that are provided by these professional contractors are always with a trained skill set to do their job well. They will immediately locate the root cause of your problem and fix it accordingly. They are in the capacity of facing any situation anytime; though it will be a bit time consuming it will all be worth it in the end. They have upgraded with the right equipment always. And based on their experience professionals can advise you with the best waterproofing advice. So rather than making this a DIY project and end up spending more in the future, get the right people to do the job well.
  • Utilization of Latest Technologies: The main benefit of hiring a professional is getting it done by the best technology and equipment. Since they have a lot of experience they know exactly what and how to fix your problem and make sure that it does not boomerang later either. So you are sure in your head to be using the best services for waterproofing in the most efficient and economical manner.
  • Detailed Quotation: This is one of the highlight reasons why people have gone for professional waterproofing services. Once these trained experts have gone through the loopholes and problems in your building they will tell you exactly how much money you will have to spend and how can you save the best. And this majorly helps you in planning your expenditure accordingly.
  • Quality Control: The quality of the material used by these waterproofing contractors will be high and it will make sure that the building is repaired in the best possible way. This will further save the building from any potential damage. And also there will be a warranty of their services, so in case there is a problem you don’t have to worry about that later.
  • They Provide Insured Services: You will be insured while taking the services and that is always better since it helps you in avoiding any monetary damage later. So whenever you hire a contractor, make sure they provide services that are insured.
  • Monetary Benefits: These services are a onetime investment. It might come across as costly but eventually, it will save you from unnecessary future investments.

Always remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, it is always a good idea to waterproof you building for your greater good in a longer run. Hire the most reliable, pocket-friendly and efficient contractors, who provide the best services and meet all your requirements under your budget. But before investing in also check out Things One Must Consider when Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Contractor.