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Pure Service Pro, LLC. is New Jersey’s leading provider of disinfection and remediation services. We are locally trained and certified with years of experience providing One-Time and Regularly Scheduled Disinfections. We provide our community with todays most innovative technology and safety recommendations to deliver the highest quality of safety and service.

Our Services:The Revolutionary Power of True EPA registered Germicides kills all contaminants! Although, many over the counter products work with bacteria, Not all of them eliminates it at its sources cellular level. We are trained experts in proper application for decontamination of HIV, Mold, Staph, Ebola, Norovirus, Coronavirus and more.

With todays virus fears developing worldwide, solutions that provide 100% coverage for every crevice are available. Along with the recommended practice of optimal hygiene, our regularly programed disinfection services provide the safety and peace of mind your community deserves.Protect your home, school, child care facilities, office, restaurants and the friends and families of your community
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Regular disinfection is temporary and can be immediately recontaminated while our persistent antimicrobial coating can protect your surfaces from germs and bacteria for up to 90 days. Our system of regularly scheduled disinfection  coupled with our persistent antimicrobial coatings is effective, it simply works!