How a French Drain Will Keep Your Basement Dry

Dec 28, 2022

A white wall with new french drainage system installed.

So, you’re interested in having an interior French drain installed at your home. This is an excellent waterproofing system as it is durable, effective, and affordable. But are you wondering how exactly it will keep your basement dry? That’s a great question, and we’re happy to answer it for you, but first, you have to know what a French drain is.

A French drain is a sloped trench, often lined with visually appealing rocks or gravel, that directs water away from one area and deposits it in another area using a perforated pipe. Homeowners often have them installed in their basements to help reduce the amount of water that puddles inside of it after storms. Now that you know a bit more about French drains, let’s dive into how they operate.

Effectiveness of French Drains

If you don’t have any basement interior waterproofing set up in your home, odds are, you have groundwater that seeps into your basement. Most basement waterproofing companies will install a French drain inside your home to help eliminate the issue. Whenever water infiltrates your basement, the French drain will capture it and take it far away from your home.

This drainage system is highly efficient and is one of the most installed waterproofing systems in residential properties with basements. Their popularity is certainly a testament to their effectiveness.

Have a French Drain Installed in Your Home

To get started with your own French drain installation, turn to the experts at Pure Service Pro. We have been in business for more than a decade, and we are happy to help waterproof your basement. Call us today.