Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?

Jan 30, 2023

New basement with insulation and waterproofing.

Are you considering investing in basement waterproofing for your home? Perhaps you’ve heard mixed reviews from your friends and family, so you’re unsure if it’s worth the cost. Your top priority when it comes to your home should always be one thing: safety. Not only did you pay a pretty penny to become a homeowner, but your property keeps you safe. Investing in a basement waterproofing service will help ensure your home’s foundation stays strong for many years to come. Plus, you can feel comforted that you and your family will remain safe and sound in a stable structure.

So, the simple answer is yes: Basement waterproofing does increase your home’s value. But how? Keep reading to find out.

It Reinforces Your Home’s Foundation

The basement of your property is constantly assaulted by hydrostatic pressure and moisture from the surrounding soil. This makes it susceptible to leaks and water damage. But when you have a basement waterproofing service completed at your home, your foundation will be fortified and nearly impenetrable.

It Reduces the Likelihood of Future Costly Repairs

Water damage and mold remediation can be an expensive undertaking. Plus, nobody wants to deal with water buildup at their property. With basement waterproofing, your residence will be better safeguarded against flooding, meaning you’ll spend less money in the long run.

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