Benefits of French Drains

Dec 12, 2022

3 Benefits of French Drains

French drain with a black pipe and large rocks surrounding it.

If you need to prevent water from building up in your basement or divert water to stop flooding around your home, few solutions are as effective as French drains. French drainage systems can be installed inside or outside your home and will direct unwanted water away from your property.

Here are a few benefits of interior and exterior French drains:

They Prevent Standing Water

This may be the biggest advantage of having a French drain installed at your home. This simple yet capable drainage system will stop rainwater from sitting in one place and damaging the interior or exterior of your property.

They Require a Small Investment & Short Time Commitment

If you want a drainage solution that is cost effective, quick, and easy for professionals to install, a French drain is a perfect option for you. You could have a brand-new drainage system up and running at your home in a matter of days.

They Help to Control Erosion

If you want to protect your home’s landscaping, it may be wise to opt for an exterior French drain. Rather than settling on your topsoil, rainwater will seep into your trench and be carried away without damaging plants.

Turn to the Pros

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