Have you ever wondered how your home’s crawl space gets that moisture in it? 

At Pure Service Pro, we have answers to these questions and solutions for all of New Jersey and parts of Pennsylvania.

 Water enters your crawlspace in many of the same ways that it enters a basement:

1. Moisture on walls, dirt floor or plastic barrier appears from excess humidity or condensation.
2. Water enters thru the ground from hydrostatic pressure (build up from below forced into the crawlspace).
3. Water enters thru the cracks, seams or other penetrations in walls due to water draining.
4. Water flows over the top of the walls because of improper grading or improper sealed porches or additions.

Neglecting your crawlspace can lead to a wide variety of problems, such as:

1. Animal and insect infestations
2. Mold & Rot
3. Moisture Problems
4. Health problems from poor air quality
5. Settlement issues and other foundation problems
6. Radon gases entering your living area

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Crawlspace Solutions

At Pure Service Pro, we have our own approach to helping you make your crawlspace clean and dry.

Our approach to solving crawlspace issues is based on:

1. The specific problem that is occurring AND
2. Your personal preference

While other companies have a one set system to offer, we believe that the system be made to fit the problem. We have developed many systems so whether your goal is simply to keep it dry or use it to store items, we’ll provide the solution to meet your needs.

Some of our solutions include:

Sump Pump: To dry out a particular area.
Interior Drainage System: To dry out larger wet areas.
Exterior Drainage System: To prevent water from entering the crawlspace.
Ventilation System: To help eliminate odors; can be used alone or with other Pure Service Pro systems.
Encapsulation: To provide a complete clean and sealed crawlspace usable for storage or even work space.
Vapor Barriers: To provide recommended ground cover from construction grade to heavy-duty, puncture-resistant vapor barriers.

Whatever the problem with your crawlspace, we will provide the systems that have been developed and perfected over 40 years geared toward your specific situation. If you have any questions Contact Pure Service Pro today. We serve all of New Jersey and parts Pennsylvania. Get Free Estimate!!!